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Archive of posts for May, 2003

Flash for the Masses


Is it just me, or do many Flash developers have no regard for slower computers? Do they believe that every single person on the Internet has a 3GHz machine? I mean, come on! I have a 3GHz machine, but if all I did was develop in Flash, I wouldn’t need such a computer. Neither do many of the other 400,000,000 people on the Internet. Read more

Live Site Uploaded


I finished the design and the Flash navigation. It dynamically loads random JPEG images from a directory and fades through them like a slide show. Nothing spectacular, but gives the homepage’s header some activity without causing a distraction.

I’ve started on the Class Reference and I wrote an article today as well, Flash for the Masses. It focuses on CPU and RAM issues with Flash usage.

A lot of the site still doesn’t work as I still have to write all the content.