Steven Vachon

Decluttered Elevating Desk


Apparently, I have a computer job.

Sitting at the desk all day takes its toll on your shoulders and eventually your health, so I decided to purchase an elevating, or “height-adjustable” desk. Exercise aside, I am now healthier, always comfortable and get more work done in less time as I require fewer body breaks.

There was a downside to this, however: the cables! Grabbing inspiration from, I put together something a little different, and simpler in my opinion.

I also needed more desk space. With a pair of desk-mounted arms, I was able to get both my monitor and laptop off of the desk’s surface.

I’d been expanding this over the passed few years and have finally gotten it to the point where it may be of some interest to others.

Here is what I used:

  1. Conset 501-11 desk frame
  2. Ergotron LX arms
  3. Copper or steel strapping aka suspension straps
  4. Round releasable cable clamps or tie wrap mounts
  5. Cable tie wraps (black)
  6. Screws

Rear Cables (left)
Rear Cables (right)
Rear Cables (under)Some loose cables for a reason
A few cables were left loose so that their components could be pulled out when needed.

Desk Controls
The desk elevation controls.

USB Hubs
Mouse, keyboards, hard drives, etc. all plug into two cascaded USB hubs.

External Sound Card
Lamps plug into an extension cord while the headphones and studio monitor speakers plug into an external sound card interface.

Power Cables (strip)
With the exception of the lamps, all components plug into the power strip.

Power Cables (routing)
Power and foot controller cables are directed down the leg.

Power Source
Power strip and table motor plugs into battery backup while the lamp extension cord plugs into a switched outlet.

What I look at every day.



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