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HTML Minify (WP-HTML-Compression)


Combining HTML “minification” with cache and HTTP compression will cut down your bandwidth and ensure near-immediate content delivery while increasing your Google rankings.

This plugin will compress your HTML by shortening URLs and removing standard comments and white space; including new lines, carriage returns, tabs and excess spaces. Most importantly, by ignoring <pre>, <textarea>, <script> and Explorer® conditional comment tags, presentation will not be affected.

For Standard PHP

For WordPress (WP-HTML-Compression)


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Sorry me for my English, I write through the translator, but your product is really great. I put it on all their sites, helps EcoNova place on hosting.
Sites gruzyatsya so quickly that it was difficult to imagine it before imagined.
Thank you very much.
Develop it further!

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I find this to be a splendid plugin that has cut down my page size which I can see from using tools to check my site load time.

Thanks for developing this plugin.


hello, i wanna ask, is the plugin modify google adsense script?

Steven Vachon
4Steven Vachon

It will purposely leave the contents of script tags untouched, unless specified otherwise. For instructions on how to do this, view the plugin’s FAQ (link above).


I’m wondering, which will be faster: preg_match_all/preg_replace or the actual html rendering in the browser…

Steven Vachon
6Steven Vachon

Relying on the browser would offer no advantage in bandwidth or SEO.


Hello, I’ve just installed and started testing you excellent html minifier.
It appears to work great, though I have found the following PHP Notices which are bloating my debug.log:
[27-Apr-2012 18:05:37 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 3 in /home/user/public_html/domain/wp-content/plugins/wp-html-compression/wp-html-compression.php on line 66
[27-Apr-2012 18:05:37 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: relate in /home/user/public_html/domain/wp-content/plugins/wp-html-compression/wp-html-compression.php on line 166

Not an issue with functionality, but still, always good to have clean response from the PHP.
Thanx for the plugin.


Hi Steven,

Your plugin worked pretty good till your last update, the Google translate widget disappeared after upgrading to v0.5
BTW, is it still useful to keep in combination with W3 Total Cache when minify is activated?



Steven Vachon
9Steven Vachon

W3 Total Cache is slower than WP Super Cache. In addition, its HTML minification requires the HTML Tidy extension, which most servers do not support. I do have plans, however, to investigate whether it offers any performance enhancements to its limited audience. At this time, I cannot offer any further advice.


Thank you Steven!
I understand you did not get any other messages about disapearing Translarte widget..
I will try super cache in combo with your plugin and let you know if the Google translate widget does stay with this combo.

BTW, W3 total has 1 million downloads compared to 3 million for WP super, so the audience is not that limited I would say…..for sure worth the effort to look into.

Thank you so much again.
Grz, Johnny

Steven Vachon
11Steven Vachon

1 million people downloaded W3 Total Cache, yes, but only a very small percentage of them have the HTML Tidy extension installed.


Hi Steven, I have tried using your plugin on my WordPress site with eshop installed but it has caused a problem with the customer details form within checkout. When the plugin is activated, the checkout form doesn’t create an error if the ‘State/County/Province’ field is not filled in or a county selected. As eshop uses this field to calculate shipping costs, it allows the form to be passed on to the payment process (in my case – Paypal) without adding the shipping charges. I have had a long conversation with ‘Esmi’ at WordPress who has kindly been trying to help resolve this but to no avail. If you need any more information from me to try to resolve the problem, please contact me. Clive

Steven Vachon
13Steven Vachon

This was probably caused by an issue in the URL shortener, which has been fixed in the new version.

Steven Vachon
14Steven Vachon

Thanks for the heads up. Fixed in the latest release.


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