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SEO Internal Link Shortcode for WordPress


This plugin allows you to create internal <a> links within your content that will not break when things get renamed or moved. While there are similar plugins available, they do not offer important SEO options.

You can add any HTML attribute to your link as long as it’s prefixed with “attr_”. And because it supports attributes that may not currently exist, it is future proof.


  1. Link to a post/page by ID or slug

    • Shortcode: [link id="1234"/]
    • Shortcode: [link slug="post-slug"/]
    • Output: <a href="">Post Title</a>
  2. Link to a category by slug

    • Shortcode: [link cat="cat-slug"/]
    • Output: <a href="">Category Name</a>
  3. Link to a tag by slug

    • Shortcode: [link cat="tag-slug"/]
    • Output: <a href="">Tag Name</a>
  4. Custom text instead of retrieved title

    • Shortcode: [link id="1234"]custom text[/link]
    • Output: <a href="">custom text</a>
  5. Additional attributes for SEO/other

    • Shortcode: [link id="1234" attr_rel="something" attr_itemprop="specialty"/]
    • Output: <a href="" rel="something" itemprop="specialty">Post Title</a>




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